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Marketing Tip: LinkedIn Professional Headline + Your URL

Monday, October 29th, 2012

In most places in LinkedIn you won't see a URL on your Professional Headline become a hyperlink. But there is one very cool place that it becomes a link: In my email inbox.  Look at this: This is what I see in my inbox this morning.  It is the daily email I ...

Own A Group? Make Sure Your Templates Are Right!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Here's one of those "I'll get around to it when I have time."  In the meantime I've lost thousands of branding opportunities. This week I started a new Group (my second) called the Veteran Transition Alliance.  I haven't advertised it out yet, don't even have a logo yet. I do know that ...

LinkedIn Group Management: Moderating People

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

I am on a handful of Groups where my Discussion comments are moderated. In general, I think it is ridiculous. I want to see my comments fast, and I want to have the conversation build fast.  If you have a bottleneck in comments getting posted (at the whim of the mood of ...

LinkedIn for Business: Marketing Your Business

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Here's another article on how to use LinkedIn for a business: BusinessLink: Five LinkedIn Features that Will Help You Market Your Business As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I think LinkedIn Companies is pretty weak, and I hope no company is spending too much time on it.  So I can't stand ...

Post to Multiple LinkedIn Groups (Jim Stroud)

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Check out this post on Recruiting Blogs by Jim Stroud on how to post to multiple LinkedIn Groups at the same time. (watch on YouTube here) Can you do this?  Youbetcha. Should you do this? Um.... well... um... what do you think?

How to find a job on LinkedIn

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

People are funny, aren't they?  They want to find a posted job, then apply for it, then interview for it, then, accept an awesome job offer, and then move out of "job mode." If there is anything you learn from this past recession I hope that it is that you need ...

Real LinkedIn Profiles vs Fake LinkedIn Profiles

Monday, December 5th, 2011

As a Group admin I go in and approve members of my Group on a regular basis. I don't want spammers in my Group, so I try to very quickly determine who is real and who isn't.  I wrote about this just a few weeks ago here: Want to Join a ...

Want to Join a LinkedIn Group? Get more than ONE CONNECTION!

Friday, November 11th, 2011

As a LinkedIn Group Administrator I have the power to accept or decline access to my Group. LinkedIn flags certain profiles as a help... here's a snapshot of three that are flagged: I rarely take time to check those Profiles out.  I just uncheck the box on the left (which I already ...

LinkedIn Profile Update: Summary + Newsletter

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Here's a quick change I just made on my Profile. I switched from Constant Contact to iContact (because a friend worked there - he doesn't anymore), and finally just moved my "newsletter" to my LinkedIn Group (where I can send an "announcement" every 8 days). So, I had to update the link ...

LinkedIn Profile: Do You Look Like a Spammer?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

As a Group admin I get to approve requests to join my LinkedIn group.  Every time I do it I always skip a few ... usually those that LinkedIn warns me about. There are two things that jump out at me that make me think the person/account/Profile isn't a real person... ...