LinkedIn Strategy

I have spent hundreds of hours thinking, speaking and writing about LinkedIn.  I regularly get requests to help people or companies with their LinkedIn Strategy.

I currently charge $250/hour for this consulting.

Note, this is a strategy consultation.  I do not write Profiles, I will not write summaries – you get an hour of my time, and that’s about it.  When I have done this before my clients have taken lots of notes, and walked away with lots of actionables.

Sometimes the conversation goes towards non-LinkedIn stuff, like blogs, etc.  I created a comprehensive social marketing strategy for my own business, and believe that LinkedIn is only one component of your strategy – if you want to spend an hour on LinkedIn, great.  If you want to spend an hour on the comprehensive stuff, great.

To get started:

  1. Pay $250 here,
  2. Send me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn so I can be a first degree connection (I need to be a first degree so I can check out your Profile) (Jason at JibberJobber dot com).
  3. Send me an email suggesting times that work for you, and what your pressing questions or concerns are.

I’ll do what I can to schedule this as soon as possible.