Sending a Group Announcement in LinkedIn

August 18th, 2017 | by Jason Alba |

LinkedIn changed the way that you, as a Group owner, sends an announcement. You used to go into the Group management page, and then there was a link to “send announcement.”

If you are scratching your head over where that link went, and poke around every link on the management page and can’t find anything to send an announcement, look no further. Simply go back to the Group main page and then start a discussion. Notice the third option, which is to send what you write as an announcement.



If you don’t know what an announcement is, it’s the most powerful tool that you can use in LinkedIn. Why? Because it turns your group (assuming you have a group) into an awesome newsletter that only you (or, group managers) have access to. While you don’t get any cool formatting (like you would in mailchimp), you don’t have to worry about mail servers and all the mess (bounce management, unsubscribes, spam reports, etc.) of sending mass emails.  It’s pretty powerful.

The assumption is that (a) you have a group, and (b) your group is big enough that it is a strong marketing tool for your cause (business, message, etc.).

One glitch I hope they fix is the message at the bottom. Notice you can only send an announcement every 7 days… yesterday it said “you can now post in 1 day.” Now it says “0 days.”  Before they made this UX change, it used to say how many hours I had left, if it was same day. Now, I find myself looking every hour to see if I can send an email… before, I could say “oh, 3 hours… I’ll come back then.”

It’s a pain, but the function is so powerful that I can move past that (hopefully not for long) and still use this weekly.


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