Something Epic Happened at LinkedIn

April 12th, 2017 | by Jason Alba |

About ten years ago the first edition of I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??? came out.  Before it came out I was a member of a Yahoo Group called MyLinkedInPowerForum. This was a group with thousands of members, probably hundreds were active… and we pontificated all kinds of LinkedIn things… what we wanted, what we wished they would change or focus on, how to get more value out of certain features, tricks, tips, etc.

It was a rich forum, and I miss it and the friends I met there.

Back then there were a number of things that we, like armchair quarterbacks, thought we knew better than LinkedIn…. but not one of us had any influence with anyone at LinkedIn.  We were power users and LinkedIn trainers and consultants, and many of us felt like we had a role in making LinkedIn what it was.  If it wasn’t for us, advocating and evangelizing, LinkedIn might not have grown as fast or strong as it did.

Heaven knows LinkedIn customer support didn’t help … because there wasn’t any.

Anyway, at least three times (probably more) I got an invitation to sign my name, along with dozens of others, pleading LinkedIn to do something, or pay attention to users, etc.  I personally was on at least a half dozen calls… and it was all like talking to a brick wall.  You’ve heard of the 800 pound gorilla?  LinkedIn was the 8,000 pound gorilla.

A few weeks ago I learned about yet another letter being sent to LinkedIn. Pretty much with the exact same message.  This type of begging has been going on for years.  I don’t sign my name anymore because they listen as much now as they used to.

Remember the changes LinkedIn made earlier this year?  Huge (negative) changes to the Profile.  And other changes… and a lot of users complaining online and offline.  But to what end?  LinkedIn wouldn’t really listen, would they?

Apparently, they did.  Maybe it is new management, who knows, but check out this post: More Features Coming to the New LinkedIn Experience

The most amazing thing is this:



And the amazingness continues:


I hope that this is a trend.  There’s still a lot of work to do to make the users seem more happy and less like they want to form a revolution… but for me, having watched this for years, this is EPIC.

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