LinkedIn Group Management: Moderating People

August 30th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

I am on a handful of Groups where my Discussion comments are moderated.

In general, I think it is ridiculous.

I want to see my comments fast, and I want to have the conversation build fast.  If you have a bottleneck in comments getting posted (at the whim of the mood of the moderator), the conversation is not fast.

I get there are spammers, etc.  But becoming the moderating-nazi (NO COMMENTS FOR YOU!) only says “go somewhere else.”

I commented on a Group that I haven’t commented on for a LONG time.  I couldn’t remember why I never go to that Group, but when I left my comment, I was reminded why:

Sure, I’m kind of a whiner about stuff like this. I’ve already learned to not ask any of the Group management… they run the Group with a heavy hand and have slapped me more than once.

If you do this in your Group, you can have nice, cleansed conversations.

You can also encourage people who would otherwise add meaningful conversations to leave your Group, and take those meaningful conversations elsewhere.

It’s definitely your choice, but if you want to have a rich Group, be careful how constricting you make it.

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  2. By Diana Schneidman on Aug 30, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t have my own LinkedIn group, but I have a blog with a modest sized readership that gets substantial amounts of spam.

    If the LI Group experience is like mine, review is necessary. Sadly.


  3. By Jason Alba on Aug 30, 2012 | Reply

    Blogs and Groups are different, for sure. On my blog I approve all posts, unless you have been approved 2 times (I think that’s the number)… they your comments are already approved. And I have akismet spam filter installed.

    Groups, however, have already approved Group membership… and if you are a spammer you can easily get kicked out, which means you can’t come back to spam.

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