Jason Alba has established himself as a well-known and widely respected expert in the employment arena. His success in establishing himself and promoting his extraordinary career toolset JibberJobber.com prove that he knows what he’s talking about. His understanding of personal branding and networking come together in his new book about using LinkedIn.com. Authoritative and insightful, “LinkedIn For You” is a great primer for “newbies,” yet it’s comprehensive enough to offer something of value to even the most seasoned LinkedIn users.

George Blomgren
Director of Marketing

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Jason’s Personal Brand is consistent in each project he works on, especially in I’m on LinkedIn – Now What? Throughout this book he narrows down exactly what LinkedIn SHOULD be used for, so that readers don’t confuse it with other social networks. You will encounter information on how to set up your profile, network through groups and proper etiquette to use as you grow your LinkedIn database. After reading and learning from the expert and his experiences, I’m more inclined to use LinkedIn as a professional networking device. Jason’s thoughtful and honest viewpoint on LinkedIn will teach everyone from youthful professionals to experienced entrepreneurs how to succeed through LinkedIn.Dan Schawbel
Personal Branding Magazine

Jason Alba has taken the guess work out of linked in. He has captured the very quintessence of what linked in is and what it is not. This book takes the guess work out of how to utilize linked in and is unquestionably a friendly user’s guide! This book is not simply for beginners but for those who are serious about professional and personal networking. Kudos Jason!Lori Russel Boilard, Executive Careers
MBA, CRW, CCC, Psychologist

Jason offers a unique perspective on networking that’s of interest to anyone that is a job seeker, entrepreneur, or networking enthusiast. He has been all of these and his experiences with LinkedIn enable him to offer an integrated review for anyone to make the most of the LinkedIn tool. His book is a reflection of his deep understanding of people, technology and change in the market and can easily save the average new user months of time in trial and error.Nadine Turner
Six Sigma Black Belt

I’m on LinkedIn – Now What provides a useful guide for all those looking to better utilize the power of LinkedIn. As Jason writes, LinkedIn is NOT the silver bullet of networking sites; such a site does not exist, and this book does not try to make that point. What this book does incredibly well is show how you CAN use the tool to your advantage; to make connections, to help others, and ultimately, to help yourself! 2 handshakes WAY UP for this great book!Phil Gerbyshak
public speaker and author of 10 Ways to Make It Great!