How to find a job on LinkedIn

December 7th, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

People are funny, aren’t they?  They want to find a posted job, then apply for it, then interview for it, then, accept an awesome job offer, and then move out of “job mode.”

If there is anything you learn from this past recession I hope that it is that you need to take control of your career (hence the JibberJobber tagline: Career Management!).

That means that you use certain tools as they should be used.  For example, let’s say you are looking for marketing jobs in your area.  Here’s one path (of many) I would recommend:

  1. Go to a job board to find the openings,
  2. Armed with information from a posting (contact name or company name), go to LinkedIn to do research,
  3. Figure out how to network into a decision maker or hiring manager at that company,
  4. COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.  Ideally, ask for informational interviews… develop a real, professional relationship with them.
  5. Put all this information (contact, companies) into JibberJobber, and log your communication with them.  You already know JibberJobber is a job search tool to help you organize your job search… this is the type of information you would put in your JibberJobber account!

Pretty simple, right?  It’s quite different than how most people use a job board.  In that example I show you how to optimize:

  1. a job board,
  2. LinkedIn,
  3. JibberJobber.

Try it out!

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