Who’s Viewed Your Posts Analytics

May 8th, 2015 | by Jason Alba |

I haven’t written about this even though I saw someone write about it on LinkedIn because it hasn’t rolled out to everyone.  Most of the comments of the other post were: “I don’t see that!”

Oh well.  I’ll share anyway, in case you haven’t heard anything about it.  You can now see analytics of who is seeing your post, and when, so you can get anxiety about why no one is seeing your posts :p  Unless, of course, you are an “influencer” and LinkedIn chooses to put your post in front of everyone.  Otherwise you’ll see your posts hit a few dozen, maybe a few hundred viewers.

Analytics are nice… but do you know how to optimize your post?  I’d say there are three elements:

  1. the title
  2. the content
  3. the invitation (call to action)

How are you doing on those three things?  I’d recommend you focus on those before you get too worried about where your 400 readers are coming from :)

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