How to See New Hires at your Target Companies

November 13th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

I got this question from Tom:

“I went on an interview at a company with a couple hundred people and then heard back that they are considering another candidate instead of me. I’d love to know who my competitor was that got the job so that I understand where I was deficient…. I remember in the past I could go to the company page and see a list of what companies people came from and went to before/after that company. Also who the new hires at the company are. However I can’t seem to find that information any longer. Was that done away with once companies could control their own page?
“Bottom line do you know of any way I can keep an eye on new hires at a company?”

In the olden days, you could go to a LinkedIn Company page and see some great information, including where people came from before and where they went to after (which could help you expand your Target Company list).  You could also see “new hires,” “new promotions,” and something else I can’t remember now.

That went away probably two or three years ago.  The Company page looks prettier, but it has much less interesting or relevant substance.  Where LinkedIn was once sharing with us great data, they are now giving companies a place to put their marketing, which is so sanitized that it rarely does us any good.  The research we could do on a Company is limited to not much more than a brochure.

Another sad change for LinkedIn users.

I tried to go into the advanced search and see if there was any way I could filter it down to a certain timeframe within company.. nothing.

There is no way, that I can tell, to see who is new at a company.  Maybe one of those fancy corporate accounts will let you do it… seems like a no-brainer.  Salespeople and recruiters would love that feature.

Am I missing anything?  Do YOU know how to see recent people at a company?


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  2. By Jeff Young on Nov 13, 2014 | Reply

    In the advanced filters toward the bottom there is one titled “When Joined” and allows the search for several different time frames (up to 3 months). It is a premium feature.

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