LinkedIn for Business: Marketing Your Business

July 10th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

Here’s another article on how to use LinkedIn for a business: BusinessLink: Five LinkedIn Features that Will Help You Market Your Business

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I think LinkedIn Companies is pretty weak, and I hope no company is spending too much time on it.  So I can’t stand behind #1.  I can’t stand behind #4 too much, either… it has a limited reach (the status bar).

The other three focus on Groups and LinkedIn Answers.

I think these are the two most powerful features in LinkedIn, hands down.

If you aren’t using LinkedIn Groups, or LinkedIn Answers, you aren’t using LinkedIn.  If you are using them, and not getting value out of it, you aren’t doing it right.

Are you getting value out of those two features?

Having said that… you have to have a solid foundation in place, which means at least having a solid/strong LinkedIn Profile.

Without this foundation, and using LinkedIn strategically, you can’t complain it isn’t “working.”

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