New LinkedIn Profile Webinar

This webinar was done live on January 17th. You can still get the recording, which was two hours and twenty minutes (to accomodate questions).

BREAKING NEWS for resume writers, career coaches and career professionals: You can get ONE (1) CEU from NRWA and ONE AND A HALF (1.5) CEUs from CDI for attending this webinar.  Once you register ask for instructions on how to get those. Scroll down to the bottom for information about CEUs

Since the first edition of my book (I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???) came out I’ve been doing presentations, training and consulting on LinkedIn.

On January 17th I presenting a very special webinar based on the biggest change that LinkedIn has made in years: The New LinkedIn Profile.

The first significant change in the Profile is the reformatting and redesign.  The Profile is more visual with a images of contacts, images of companies, bigger images of Groups, etc.  They have also re-ordered some things (like putting the new Activities above what was the Summary (now Background).

That alone was enough to justify this webinar.

BUT then they announced they were dumping the “Applications” and building those into the LinkedIn Profile with a new media-rich tool.  This was a BOMBSHELL, and has profound, huge implications. This webinar focuses on helping you brand yourself appropriately.

The webinar, priced at $147, was discounted to $97. This is a per-person price, although discounts may apply if you have a team (resume, outplacement or coaching company, or university career center, etc.).

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What to write on your LinkedIn Profile, and where to write it, so that you can be found by search engines (specifically the LinkedIn search engine and Google).
  • The most important things to have on your Profile, and how to make them look great.
  • How to engage with the reader once they find your Profile (whether it is through a search or because they clicked on a link in your email signature).
  • What the deal is with Endorsements.  It’s brand new and has created a firestorm.  Endorsements are a complete non-issue with two exceptions… one of those exceptions could be a complete game-changer.
  • Because LinkedIn hid or took away certain branding elements, how to make a strong branding impact with what’s left.
  • How to make your profile “richer” with media such as powerpoints, video, downloads, etc., and what those media items should be for optimal branding and engagement.
  • How to increase your chances of being contacted by a billion percent (I hate promising anything, but I’ve prospected a lot of people through LinkedIn and there is a huge difference between those who make it easy to find you and those who seem to be fine never getting contacted).
  • How to really optimize those Recommendations you receive (and how to tactfully and effectively ask for Recommendations).
  • How to get value out of other new features like Projects.
  • How to promote your page so that others can find your more frequently….
  • And more…!

If you’ve ever been on one of my presentations you know it’s filled with meat, and has a healthy balance between strategy and tactic.  Check out this free  presentation as an example: Career Management 2013 (kick the year off right)

Sign up now to get streaming access to the webinar. You’ll access it through your JibberJobber account, which you shouldn’t share with anyone.

Here is what participants said about this webinar:

“Jason’s webinar on the new LinkedIn was worth every penny and every second, the best I’ve seen on the topic. He’s not only a key thought leader on the subject but also a great presenter: clear, well paced, well organized, with a natural conversational style and wit. As a career coach it’s important that I keep up to date and keep building my “toolkit of cool tips” (If you can say that five times, fast, I’ll give you a free career consultation!) to share with my clients, and Jason’s a huge help.”

Thea Kelley, Certified Resume & Profile Writer / Career Coach

“I recently attended Jason’s webinar “Understanding/Optimizing the New LinkedIn Profile.” It was excellent and included specific strategies guaranteed to improve SEO and engage readers. Jason is knowledgeable, funny, humble and very much an expert. I also benefited from his critique of my LinkedIn profile. His keen insights and suggestions helped me sell my brand more effectively. I highly recommend Jason Alba’s webinars and book, “I’m on LinkedIn Now What???”

Mary Jeanne Vincent, Career and Job Search Coach

Having previously attended a number of Jason Alba’s webinars, I wasn’t surprised that this one on recent changes to LinkedIn profiles was interesting, thorough and jam-packed with valuable new information. I didn’t expect him, though, to stay on the call until every last question was answered – an added benefit!

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCM, Noteworthy Resume & Career Services

Jason is one of those go-to experts we all love to follow. He delivers insightful LinkedIn and networking commentary and advice that I find absolutely invaluable. In fact, I rely on Jason’s perspectives of LinkedIn to ground my own. His practical, no-holds-barred honesty is a breath of fresh air, and as a result he has become a well-deserved fixture in my industry (and probably many others as well).

Cheryl Simpson, Executive Career Coach, Resume and LinkedIn Expert

I just attended Jason’s “Understanding/Optimizing the New LinkedIn Profile” Webinar and I am astounded at his expertise, his grasp of the nuances of the changes and how easily he manages presenting a ton of information via what could be an impersonal method. Jason makes his Webinars come to life! He knows more about LinkedIn than anyone I’ve met, is open and generous in sharing his expert knowledge. If you need to know LinkedIn, you need to know Jason Alba and! His wealth and breadth of knowledge cannot be captured in a few words. Thanks to Jason, I have a lot of work to do!

Sally Cofer Lindberg – Career Coach

This webinar was Jason’s atypical high quality offering of new information told with a good sense of humor and humility: the more we learn the more we realize we need to know. You judge a good webinar by how many times you whisper “wow”; on the “Wow Scale”, where an average webinar is a 3, this webinar is a 9.  Considering I practically live on LinkedIn these days, that is impressive.

Mark Bartz – Medical Sales Mentors: Career Management and Transition for Medical Sales Professional


Jason is widely regarded as THE LinkedIn expert. Having recently viewed his “Optimizing the New LinkedIn Profile” webinar, this was readily apparent. But there is much more to the story. Through his JibberJobber website and blog, Jason demonstrates an extremely approachable and down to earth communication style providing invaluable strategies and insights not only into the social media world but into all aspects of career management. This is an incredible resource.

Wayne Gillespie - Private Client Wealth Management

I got so much out of the webinar.  One suggestion of yours I implemented some time ago (use stories in the Summary) has paid off big time!  I landed a 6 month leadership coaching contract via LinkedIn.  An executive coach on the East Coast viewed my profile in December. When I asked her what prompted her to contact me, she said…and I quote,  ‘Your profile was thoughtful and engaging and not chalked full of key words, blah blah blah’  How’s that?

Debbie Melnikoff – Certified Career Coach at Third Wave Career Coaching

Continue Education Unit (CEU) INFORMATION

The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) requires you to have 10 CEUs before you can apply for the NCRW credential/certification.  Once you have the NCRW you are required to earn 15 CEUs every three years.  More information on this page.  You will earn ONE CEU by attending this webinar.  Membership is a requirement to earn CEUs with the NRWA.

Career Directors (CDI) requires CEUs for various certifications.  Members of CDI will earn 1.5 CEUs from this webinar.  You can get more information on CEUs and certifications from CDI here.