LinkedIn Proactive Strategies Webinar

January 17th I did a two hour twenty minute webinar on the New LinkedIn Profile.  It was an awesome webinar (so I hear).  I didn’t intend for there to be a “Part II” but it really made sense to create this next steps webinar.

I am NOT a believer in “if you build it (your LinkedIn Profile, online presence, etc.) they will come.”

On March 1 at 9am Mountain Time I am doing the next steps webinar: Proactive Strategies on LinkedIn.

You’ve built “it,” now it’s time to  find people and start relationships.

This webinar is for businesses and job seekers alike.  The premise is that you are looking for someone to talk to, whether it is a prospect partner, customer or evangelist.  You might need to network into a company or industry.  You might want to make a million dollar sale or create a partnership that could be dividends for years.  Or, you might try and find someone to introduce you to a hiring manager or decision-maker.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Where to find people on LinkedIn.  There are many more places than the search and advanced search to find prospects.
  • How to make the first communication to the person you find.  Is it email or phone, or direct messaging?
  • How to construct a written message that is more likely to be read.  There are many messages that are so poorly written that they might be deleted as spam before the person even reads them.  What can you do to increase the chance of being read?
  • How to follow-up with prospects and contacts.  One message does not establish a strong relationship.  Your goal is a nurtured relationship where you both give and receive and help each other.
  • How to use other social and online tools to do research about the person, their organization, and contact methods.  LinkedIn is great but it might be the starting point for creating the connection, crafting the message and continuing the relationship.
  • How to use a Customer Relationship Management tool to organize and track the initial contact and follow-up with your prospects so that you have an easy-to-use follow-up system and not feel overwhelmed as you grow your network, or have opportunities slip through the cracks.  We’ll obviously use JibberJobber in this webinar but the concepts apply to any CRM. NOTE: This is not a JibberJobber webinar, but we’ll touch on how to use CRM in this overall proactive strategy.
  • How to appropriately and effectively use Groups, Statuses and other proactive tools in LinkedIn to share your brand, get on the “inside” of otherwise tightly formed groups of colleagues.
  • Where the opportunities are in Companies, the Home Page, LinkedIn News, and other places to find and communicate with prospects an customers, and to expand or reinforce your branding to new audiences.
  • And probably more….

I’m scheduling this webinar for ninety minutes, although it might go over.

This webinar will be recorded and made available to you (as long as you don’t share the recording) indefinitely.

As I promised on the LinkedIn New Profile Webinar, I will not use this as a sales opportunity.  You shouldn’t feel like I gave you 40% and you have to buy something more to get the rest.

You should walk away feeling empowered to get more value out of LinkedIn.  Find people, make connections and get business done!

This $97 investment should be recouped many times over if you execute even a fraction of these practices.

No fluff, no frill, just solid strategy and tactics for YOU.

This webinar will earn you at least 1.5 CEUs from Career Directors International.

What others say:

“I’ve been a Jason admirer for quite some time and have high expectations where he’s concerned, because his reputation precedes him. I was delighted by the cornucopia of value delivered in his March LinkedIn strategy webinar; and in his earlier Linkedin profile-focused webinar. I devoured the information and have clients chomping at the bit ready to put his ideas into action. LinkedIn evolves constantly; Jason’s the guy to keep folks up to speed.”

Barb Poole: Career Coach, Strategist and Writer

“Jason Alba’s webinar gave me insights that will help me to promote my own business, as well as help my clients to get the most out of their LinkedIn presence during their job searches.”

Arnie Boldt: Career Strategist / Professional Resume Writer

“Jason always over-delivers on what he promises, and his new LinkedIn Strategy webinar was no exception. Keeping up with all LinkedIn’s changes and what they mean for me and my clients is a huge challenge, but Jason took the hardest part of the work off my shoulders and did it with clarity and humor. It’s hard to beat that!”

Georgia Adamson: Career Coach and Resume expert

“I’ve been to dozens of social media and LinkedIn webinars and teleseminars – nobody does these better than Jason Alba. I learn something new every time!”

Donald Burns: Resume Writer and Executive Career Coach


“There is an old saying that the ‘Devil is in the details’; I took 3 pages of detailed notes from this seminar. Jason is an excellent teacher and that he knows his stuff, he stays on top of the ever-changing world of Linkedin, and he stays humble: the information is told with a sense of humor and humility. I practically live on Linkedin these days and I learned a tremendous amount.”

Mark Bartz: Medical Sales Mentors

“By swimming in the deep end of the social media pool, specifically in the ‘job search uses of social media’ lane, Jason Alba is winning a gold medal for all of us coaches and counselors working to help clients use these tools efficiently and effectively.”

Shela C. Turpin-Forster: Creative Change Careers, LLC

As a resume writer who believes in assisting my clients in any way I can–and as a very close relative of that cobbler whose children have no shoes—I often find myself scrambling to learn information myself so I can tell my client. As an active member of my profession, I can ask for help from some of the finest experts in the careers field. Jason Alba is one of the best.  His advice and training on networking and managing one’s LinkedIn membership is invaluable. His JibberJobber career management software can corral your relationships, scheduling, and time into a manageable basket that calms that rising uneasiness that things are about to get out of control. He has your back in your job search, networking, and relationship endeavors. Priceless.

Dayna Feist: Certified Professional Resume Writer & Job Transition Coach