LinkedIn Announcement Change: Boo! Hiss!

August 15th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

Darn, LinkedIn did it again… another change that is cray cray.

As a group manager/owner, I have the ability to send an “announcement” to group members.  Recently I sent an announcement and noticed that the title of the announcement was overwritten by LinkedIn’s generic title… this is what people see in their inbox:


Sorry it’s so small, but what they have is “[New announcement]” which I didn’t put it. I think “announcement” is a dumb thing to call this thing, and in my inbox, in the subject view, it takes up way to many characters (which means the other characters are pushed out of the subject).

Also, I don’t want it to be a JibberJobber – Career Management announcement… I want it to be the title of my “announcement.  Check out the entire email – the top arrow points to the subject that LinkedIn inserted (they didn’t used to do this), and the bottom arrow points to the title that I created…

Oh why, LinkedIn, did you mess with this?  This almost guarantees that these messages will be unopened by more people :(


For people who have to hack their way around this, you’ll have to send an announcement (which just lost like 25% of it’s value) and then do a normal “discussion” post in the group.  The normal discussion title will be the subject of the next email, as long as … well, as long as you are the only discussion of that day.  Otherwise, it is hit or miss whether yours will be the main discussion, or if someone else’s will.

Would be nice to have more power as a group owner.

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