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May 3rd, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

Yesterday I announced I brought on my dad to the JibberJobber team, and WE’RE EXCITED!  I’m super excited to have his help, and he’s excited to have a change in his career.  You can read about it here.

Today we spent some time on his LinkedIn Profile.  For various reasons (good reasons) he hasn’t had much of an online presence, but since he is going to work with me, well, it only makes sense that he gets up to speed on LinkedIn and other social tools.

There were some critical things I wanted to take care of on his LinkedIn Profile, including the name (David to Dave, since everyone calls him Dave), his LinkedIn professional headline (which I’m REALLY BIG ON), 2 of the 3 website links, the vanity URL, and of course changing the current title.

Here’s something interesting that came up… what to do about the LinkedIn Summary?

You know I like you to fill the whole thing up, and to “tell stories,” but what kinds of stories should he tell?

He had an amazing career with the FBI which could be a volume of stories… but that’s not appropriate for this, is it?

He just left a company after 10 years, and had some great stories from there… but that’s not appropriate either, is it?

What stories should he share?


This is a major personal branding issue, and here’s my answer:

The LinkedIn Summary, all stories and facts and anecdotes, should be in-line with his current title and professional headline.

The current professional headline (we’ll work on this) is:

All of his stories, and facts, and “I’m great because _____,” should be supportive of that message. He can tell stories, or bring things in, from his previous jobs, but only if they help people understand better how he is the best at helping university career centers reach their audience better.

Align your brand message with any other message you have on your LinkedIn Profile (and resume, and business card, and email signature, etc.).

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