LinkedIn Profile – Where do you put the email address?

December 30th, 2010 | by Jason Alba |

Not too long ago I did a LinkedIn Profile critique for someone and one of the comments was “you should know better – we’re not allowed to put our contact info (email addy) anywhere in the profile!”

It was a lame handslap…

Anyway, this is fairly-well-debated by users.  Should LinkedIn keep us from showing others how to communicate with us?  I’ve seen email addresses in many fields, especially the name field, usually the summary field, and sometimes the Professional “Headline.”

Purists cite LinkedIn’s own User Agreement saying it’s a no-no.

The LinkedIn Profile Police have been known to go to Profiles and, without warning or notice, strip email addresses from the Profile.

Why, then, does a LinkedIn employee have her email in the Professional Headline?  Does she not know about this well-debated issue?

Or, like many others, is she simply ignoring it?

What does that say about the policy, if LinkedIn’s people aren’t abiding by it?

Or, are we all misreading it?

Here’s an image (with appropriate edits):


(side note: the good thing about this person sharing his/her work email address is now I know the company formatting for all LinkedIn employees – thank you :)).

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  2. By Lonny Gulden on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply


    This is a very misunderstood issue. If you read paragraph 10.B.4 of the user agreement you will find it says you should not “include information in your profile or elsewhere, EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED FIELDS, that reveals your identity or sensitive personal information such as an email address, phone number or address …”

    LinkedIn does not want you to place your email address in the header. The appropriate place for it is the the Contact Settings section at the end of your profile.

    As to why LinkedIn people break the rules … who cares.

  3. By Fred Dempster on Jan 8, 2011 | Reply

    @ Lonny – Agree exactly! I ignore folks “funny lines” and email in the headers.

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