Finding Relevant Contacts on LinkedIn

December 14th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

Last week I blogged about using LinkedIn Companies to find relevant contacts.

It made me think about one of the options I regularly use when I get search results on LinkedIn.  Check out the option I find myself choosing almost all the time:


I used to do just “Relationship,” which is, show me all of the results based on the degree of separation.  But now I choose “Relationship + Recommendations,” because this tells me something INTERESTING:

If you have Recommendations, I’m going to assume you are using LinkedIn, at least more than someone who just came in, created a skeleton profile, and has never logged in again.

And if you are using LinkedIn, or have used it a little bit, when I contact you THROUGH LinkedIn, you aren’t going to think that is so weird.

Hopefully, because you understand LinkedIn a little better, you’ll see my communication to you for what it is, instead of judging it as spam.

I know I’m generalizing, and assuming that having Recommendations means you know what’s going on, but that’s really the best I have to go on right now.

Speaking to the other options:

Relevance: I think this means how relevant the Profiles are based on my search criteria… but since they have “keywords” in there, maybe this is based on job titles?  For example, a C-level or director is more relevant than a manager?  I don’t know and didn’t test.

Connections: The same argument could be made about the number of connections someone has, however, I still want it based on my RELATIONSHIP (Degrees of Separation) first, and then another criteria.  It would be cool if they put Relationship + Connections as an option.

Keywords: I’m guessing this makes the keyword phrase more strict… but I’m not sure, really, what the diff is between not choosing any option (which defaults to Relevance).

Anyway, my preference today is Relationship + Recommendations :)

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