LinkedIn Companies – A Goldmine of Information

December 11th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

This last week I’ve been working on “business development,” or looking for key contacts in industries and companies that I want to communicate with.

Specifically, I’m looking for channel partners to help me move forward with my outplacement offering.  I should say, it’s more of an alternative, or even a supplement, to outplacement – by no means do I think I’m going to compete head-to-head with traditional outplacement.

I find myself doing more and more searches in the LinkedIn Companies search than anywhere else.

The old Jason would have done a regular, simple search in the regular search box, which by default searches on “people.”

The new Jason clicks on Companies (at the top) or changes the default search from “Search People” to “Search Companies.” I’m thrilled, elated and impressed with what I’m finding.

I find all relevant people in a target company.  The most relevant, for me, have become those who are currently at the company (the first grouping of people).  I look at the contacts based on (a) their job function/title, and (b) their connection to me.  I find the people I want to contact and then reach out to them.

Some people get an inmail or message, although I have to be careful with those because I only have so many.  Others will get a direct email.

I’ll blog more about some of the aspects in this post next week, but I have to say, I’m IMPRESSED with the LinkedIn Companies functionality – I have been saying it’s the second best thing about LinkedIn, and I’ve come to fall in love with it.

Are you using Companies yet? If not, I bet you could magnify the value you are getting out of LinkedIn by creating a Companies strategy.  (I touch on this in my LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD)

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  2. By Chris Brown on Dec 11, 2009 | Reply

    What do you think of LinkedIn’s new layout. Pros and cons. Did anything significant change? I know I’m used to using the left nav, but I can’t really tell what else is new, improved.

    Would be interested in a blog post from you that outlines this…

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