No Post is Done Until You’ve Shared It (LinkedIn Articles)

November 12th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

I’m in the process of experimenting with LinkedIn Articles (aka, posts).  Unless you are an “influencer,” you MUST work to get your article in front of others.  Don’t trust that just by posting people will see it.

Case in point, I’ve had a number of articles that have done okay… my last one (written yesterday) has only 52 views.  This is because I wrote it but didn’t share it. You can share your articles on each of the social networks you want, but there is a super easy way to share them that I recommend.

Either before you have published your post, or anytime after you have published it, you can share it.  Look for something like this:


I only share through the LinkedIn icon… I click on that and I see this (scroll below the image and I’ll share what I do to get maximum exposure):


In the first box, I put a status update, which usually short, and one line.  There is a limit, and you don’t want this to be long.  Usually I just copy and paste the title of my article… quick and easy.

Notice I have the Twitter checkbox checked…. this means I don’t have to go to Twitter and do the same thing…. it automatically takes my LinkedIn update and puts it as my latest tweet.  As an added bonus, I have each of my Tweets become a Facebook update… so from this one thing I get an update on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook :) :)

In the second set of boxes I designate which LinkedIn Groups I send the post to.  This is critical, and probably where I get most of my views from.  You should be a member of a lot of Groups (45 to 47).  Know how many members are in each Group. If you are a member of a Group that has 100 people, it might not make sense to share every post with them through this mechanism.  However, maybe those 100 people are perfect evangelists for you, in which case you should share every article with them!

On the other hand, you might think big Groups, let’s say tens or hundreds of thousands of members are the way to go, since you share with one Group and a gazillion people will see your article.  This is flawed thinking, in general.  It might work, and that’s great, but:

1. You might get flagged as spam (there is an evil design referred to as SWAM – google it – it will affect ALL of your Group activity, not just from the one group.

2. If there are too many other posts/udpates on that Group, you might get buried in all the other posts, which are usually poor attempts to market “lookie at my blog post!!”

Big seems awesome, but to get the words out to the right group of people, small might be good enough.

If you really want to do the big Groups, I would suggest going to the Group and starting a discussion… less automated than the steps above, but it’s just for one Group – and customize your message for that Group!

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