Goodbye Introduction Requests? And EXCELLENT Advice from Donna Serdula

September 25th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

donna_serdula_headshotI saw this on a LinkedIn group I’m on: LinkedIn Removes Introduction Requests to 3rd Degree Connections

Maybe people just weren’t using the Introduction requests. I had for a while, but LinkedIn had limited them, which was dumb.  I have a feeling people just weren’t using them much.  And those who did use them didn’t have much success.

I think the main reason they are gone, though, is that it forces people to upgrade.  Many of the changes LinkedIn has made in the last few years (since a little before the IPO) that have left people scratching there heads were to get people to upgrade. Limit the view on a 3rd degree profile?  Just upgrade!

Anyway, Donna breaks the news that this feature appears to be gone… but the best part of her post is something I don’t remember seeing before, in years of doing LinkedIn stuff.  Scroll down on her post to find this section: How Do I Communicate with 3rd Degree Connections?

My prediction that #2, join a group that person is in, will be another feature that bites the dust.  But I’ve been saying that for a few years and they haven’t taken the functionality away yet (although they have hid it and made it less easy to find and even know about).

The second #3 and the second #4 (which are really 5 and 6 in her list, but misnumbered) are pretty much useless to the people I talk to and train, since I say to not upgrade (there are loopholes to the upgrade, you just have to use LinkedIn smarter, and save around $200/year).

The main thing, for you, is to make sure you make it easy for people to communicate with you.  Her #3 says “do they list their phone number or email in their summary…”


My gut tells me people have lost money, business and opportunities because they make it hard for others to reach out to them.  LinkedIn already makes it hard – what if you make it easier by putting your contact info in front of someone who comes to your Profile… super easy to find?

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