Goodbye Contacts, Hello Connected, CRM meets Artificial Intelligence (AI)

September 17th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

So a “competitor” to JibberJobber, LinkedIn’s CRM, got “retired.’  Actually, it just got a name change, as far as I can tell, a natural evolution of features.

It’s an interesting twist, taking CRM to the next level. Applying the AI to CRM isn’t necessarily new, but it’s cool in this case because of all the data LinkedIn has at its fingertips.

Good move, LinkedIn.

Note 1: I wrote about policy issues using LinkedIn as a CRM a few times… this is a huge issue.

Note 2: I don’t think JibberJobber is a competitor to LinkedIn, although the conversations I’ve had with people at LinkedIn make it clear that they think we are competitors.  They think all relationship apps are their competition – check out this sad list of search results from CRM systems that lament LinkedIn pulling the plug on any integration (that they had).

(we’ll see if this is a feature they don’t pull the plug on, eventually :p)

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