Goodbye LinkedIn InMaps (network visualization tool)

September 12th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

Remember when InMaps came out a few years ago?  This was the really cool way to “see” what your network looked like… it never really worked for me because first my network was too big, and it just didn’t show anything.  Then, when I could actually see something, it looked like a hairball that didn’t really make any sense.

Lot’s of LinkedIn experts and enthusiasts got excited over it, but it was always just a flashy widget that really added no value.

They are dumping it, though.

One more feature goes away. They say they are going to replace it with something better.

Strategically, it makes sense to dump this.

But the question lingers, what’s the next thing they are going to dump?  Where do I invest my time and efforts if they keep dumping features?


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