Adding a new Job to your Profile, Finally LinkedIn Doesn’t Hijack your Headline!

June 11th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

In a fix that has bugged me for years, LinkedIn has finally done something awesome for users!

I recently added a new position to my Profile, for my video game class, and when adding, saw this:


This is super cool.  Before this option, LinkedIn would basically overwrite anything you had in your Profile, and replace it with something dumber (a title is dumber than what you should have in there, which is a value statement).

Now, they ask you if you want to update (or, replace what you have in there) with the title + company!

Thank you LinkedIn!  This was a pain!  Before, I would have to copy what I had in the headline, and then go back after I added a new position, and then paste over the forced hijacking that you used to do…

Thank you!

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