Download your LinkedIn Profile as a “resume”?

June 9th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

I was recently asked if you can still download your LinkedIn Profile as a “resume.”  You have always been able to do this – just go to your Profile page (view, not edit), and click the drop down, and you’ll see this option:


I wouldn’t really consider this a resume, although in some situations it is good enough.  For example, I was doing something (not applying to a job, perhaps applying for a loan) and they asked for my resume. I didn’t have a resume… and wasn’t interested in making one.  So, I downloaded my Profile as a PDF and sent it to them.  Back then, the download included my Recommendations received, so the PDF was over 50 pages.

Right now the PDF includes a lot less… try it out.  You’ll notice it does not have some of the typical resume stuff (like contact info at the top), but it’s good enough for some situations.  Also, it’s a good backup to have, especially if you tend to update your Profile (or are worried that LinkedIn might lose the work you’ve put into your Profile).

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