Top 10 LinkedIn Facts (?)

June 3rd, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

This is from Jeff Bullas’ blog (The Top 10 LinkedIn Facts and Figures in 2014 You Need To Know). I’m not buying all of these stats, but this collection of data is quite interesting.

If you are a LinkedIn or social network nerd, you’ll dig right in. If you are a casual user, you might find something here interesting (like, most of the “users” are in the U.S. but the fastest growing countries for members are (1) Turkey, (2) Colombia, and (3) Indonesia).

I have a hard time believing this: “The most likely demographic profile is Male, Asian, 45-54 years, Earns $150,000+, No kids and has a Grad school education

Anyway, cool and interesting stuff, all in one post :)

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