Request “early access” to LinkedIn Publishing…

April 2nd, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

Will be interesting to see what happens when millions of people post “articles” on LinkedIn’s platform, which essentially makes them a blog platform.

I just saw this link to apply to get “early access” to write stuff…

Here’s a great article by Justin Smith titled Linkedin Publishing: What a Newbie can Expect

It will be interesting to see if LinkedIn pulls this, like they did Answers (no archive, no nothing).  If you post on LinkedIn, I recommend you have it somewhere else, like your own blog.  In this recent blog post on there is a link to blog more, Facebook less. One of the critical points in that post is this:

Henley’s Takeaway: “You don’t own the media unless you own the property. It’s that simple. Everything else you create everywhere else can be taken away from you.” In other words, don’t build your business on someone else’s land.

Very good way to put it. Post all your cool stuff on social environments… and don’t hold your breath on how long that environment, or your posts (which usually become “theirs”), or they feature to post, will be around.

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