LinkedIn Strategy: Content vs. Professional Connections

March 11th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

I love business strategy. I’ve found it interesting that LinkedIn has seemed to leave “members” hanging while focusing on pushing more content in front of them.

This actually frustrates me, because LinkedIn had so much potential to be THE professional networking site.

Well, they are, of course, right now, and for now.

But when I talk to people who say “no one in my industry is on LinkedIn – it has nothing for us” (biologist), I take note.

I also listen to people who say they are simply done with LinkedIn.  Whether they get no value (not necessarily LinkedIn’s fault), or they are upset that LinkedIn has taken away so many values, like Answers (retired), or moving most of the 3rd degree profile information to the paid membership.

I found this article on TechCrunch interesting: LinkedIn Touts Citi’s Success As The Networking Site’s Content Marketing Ambitions Grow

Personally, I don’t want or need more content.  Acquiring Slideshare made sense because, for me, it was a personal branding play.  Now I see it was a content play.  And of course, the Pulse acquisition was a total content play.

I wonder what this content focus means for the networking side of LinkedIn… ?

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