How to remove a Managers Choice discussion in a LinkedIn Group

January 15th, 2014 | by Jason Alba |

This is for Group owners and managers.  It is not intuitive (see frustrated managers asking here).  It has changed over time, and there are a lot of people asking how to remove a discussion from the Manager’s Choice “Carousel.”  Here’s the easiest way I’ve found to do remove a manager’s choice discussion (which you might do because it is outdated, or to make room for others, since there is a limit).

FIRST, go to your group and scroll through the carousel to find the discussion you want to remove.  Click the title so that it opens up on it’s own page.


SECOND, scroll to the bottom of your announcement (not to the bottom of the comments) and click this link:


That’s it.  There is a dropdown next to the title where you can only do one thing: DELETE the discussion. I don’t want to do that, I just want to get it out of the carousel… and this is how you do it :)


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