LinkedIn CRM: beware and be aware

December 4th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

Recently I was asked about using LinkedIn as a CRM, which means putting in information about your Contacts without them knowing about it (notes, phone numbers, etc.).

I wrote about a HUGE issue here: LinkedIn Contacts vs. LinkedIn Policy: Now This Issue Can’t Be Ignored. I still don’t know how they can reconcile their responsibility in the social space (kicking out spammers, protecting me from bad guys) with the needs of a CRM users (complete and utter privacy and control over data they enter).

It’s like two incompatible cultures coming together.  It might look great on paper, superficially, from the outside, but in reality it just isn’t meant to be (without ruining parts of both cultures).

Aside from my post, I sent a link to this post by Gene Marks, on Forbes: There’s Something Big Missing From LinkedIn.  The article, and the comments, are definitely worth your time.

And if you use LinkedIn for your CRM, good luck to you when you lose data you thought was (a) yours, and (b) accessible anytime you wanted.

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