Can We (recruiters and staffing companies) Trust LinkedIn?

October 30th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

greg-savage-headshotThis is a pretty scathing post, but I think it is the pink elephant.  LinkedIn has the power to do what the internet did to travel agents and car salespeople.  Of course, there are still care salespeople, and there are still travel agents.  But, LinkedIn HAS and will continue to change the recruiting/staffing space.

Can we trust LinkedIn, by Greg Savage.

I’m all for evolution of business, processes, etc.  And I have a really hard time thinking that recruiters are going to go away, since buying a car is vastly different than hiring the right person to do a job.  But LinkedIn is definitely shifting how things are done, providing the tools and incentive (save money).  I also think they are disrespecting staffing professionals, while they are capturing massive amounts of intelligence from them on how they can drive them out of business.  OR, maybe they’ll simply create new markets and industries.

Anyway, the article is definitely worth the read, as are the comments.  Go there now on recruiting blogs, and see the 30+ comments on Greg’s own blog here.

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