Endorsements Email Notification Needs Details

September 5th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

You already know I think Endorsements are completely useless and a waste of effort.  It is a way to get LinkedIn users to go back to the site so the marketers can say “we increased usage drastically – people are coming back in!”

Well, anyway… aside from being utterly useless, there is something from a product manager perspective that I wish LinkedIn would do.  When they send me an email telling me that one of my Contacts endorsed me for a skill, could the PLEASE make the email meaningful and tell me which skill it was for?  Right now all I get is a notice that the person (or group of people) endorsed me, but I don’t know if it if relevant (basket weaving vs. relationship management – one isn’t even worth opening the email for).

Here’s one of the emails I get, when I get endorsed for a new skill:


If they simply say what the new skill is, I might be inclined to add it to my profile, but please don’t make me click through just to see… pretty please?

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  2. By Kurt on Sep 5, 2013 | Reply

    I am just getting through your book. Really good stuff. I had the same feeling about endorsements and was glad to see you agree. It also seems like the people that endorse don’t even really do it. I get endorsements from people that I rarely see or talk to.

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