LinkedIn Selling Out employers, job hunters by Nick Corcodilos

July 25th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

Conflict of interest is a big deal.  LinkedIn has it, as Nick Corcodilos explains in this article: LinkedIn Payola: Selling out employers and job hunters

Is this a big deal?  Yes.

Does it affect you?  It could.

What does this mean for an upgrade?  It means you might not get what you are paying for.

One of the reasons for upgrading, says LinkedIn, is that as a job seeker you would have your Profile show up at the top of the searches.  But look at this:

Employers “have the option to turn on and off the setting” [of ordering by upgrades]…

In other words, you are paying to have your profile come up at the top of searches, but employers can turn that ordering off with the click of a link.  I would say that is deceptive.

Things are changing with LinkedIn.  I’ve always maintained it is a TOOL, just like my hammer or saw or drill.  Use the tool for what its strengths are, get value out of it, and then figure out what other tools you need to use.  But ONE tool doesn’t build a house.  And ONE tool doesn’t do all jobs.


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