Getting kicked out of LinkedIn, and what to do about it

July 19th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

stacey_zaparStacy Zapar has a great post titled In LinkedIn Jail? Here’s How to Get Out and Stay Out!

In her post she talks about the four types of penalties, including:

  1. Restricted
  2. SWAM’ed (which means site wide auto moderation)
  3. Suspended (which is usually when people come to me asking what to do)
  4. Shut down (no one reading this blog should be shut down)

At the end of the post she has two suggestions on how to get it resolved.  The first is to go to customer service, the second is to go to social media and make your plea more visible.  I’ve found going social encourages LinkedIn to resolve things much quicker.

Read her entire post if you are in trouble with LinkedIn… great info there.

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