Limited LinkedIn Search Results – what??

June 24th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

I got a version of this question from a friend and career coach:

“I used to be able to find people by job title that were not [first degree] contacts. Now when I look, I only find [first degree] contacts. Am I dreaming and was it always this way?”

Good question.  I just did a search for Project Manager and see 11 pages of results.  Oops, make that 10 pages, with the 11th page asking me to upgrade.

On a “basic” account (which is what I have) I can see 100 results.  My network is big enough (I’m guessing hers is, too), that the first 100 results are in my first degree contacts.

On the right I can click on the box for 2nd Connections, or 3rd+ Everyone Else, and see non-first degree connections.

I seem to remember seeing more than 100 results before.  Maybe this is one more thing where LinkedIn is moving free functionality to the premium level… but if you have a big network you will need to click one of those boxes to see more than just your first degree contacts.

To further experiment I did a search for “dog walker” and only got second degree contacts.  So the first experiment reflected (a) a common title (project manager) (b) on a big network.  Use a weird title and you should see more than first degree contacts.

Again, this proves how important it is to search SMARTER.  I don’t really want to see more than 100 hits in the search results… I want to see 100 more appropriate results :)


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