LinkedIn Proactive Strategies Webinar

February 27th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m doing a webinar on Friday morning (9am MST) on how to create and execute a proactive strategy on LinkedIn.  More details and signup button here. From that page:

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Where to find people on LinkedIn.  There are many more places than the search and advanced search to find prospects.
  • How to make the first communication to the person you find.  Is it email or phone, or direct messaging?
  • How to construct a written message that is more likely to be read.  There are many messages that are so poorly written that they might be deleted as spam before the person even reads them.  What can you do to increase the chance of being read?
  • How to follow-up with prospects and contacts.  One message does not establish a strong relationship.  Your goal is a nurtured relationship where you both give and receive and help each other.
  • How to use other social and online tools to do research about the person, their organization, and contact methods.  LinkedIn is great but it might be the starting point for creating the connection, crafting the message and continuing the relationship.
  • How to use a Customer Relationship Management tool to organize and track the initial contact and follow-up with your prospects so that you have an easy-to-use follow-up system and not feel overwhelmed as you grow your network, or have opportunities slip through the cracks.  We’ll obviously use JibberJobber in this webinar but the concepts apply to any CRM. NOTE: This is not a JibberJobber webinar, but we’ll touch on how to use CRM in this overall proactive strategy.
  • How to appropriately and effectively use Groups, Statuses and other proactive tools in LinkedIn to share your brand, get on the “inside” of otherwise tightly formed groups of colleagues.
  • Where the opportunities are in Companies, the Home Page, LinkedIn News, and other places to find and communicate with prospects an customers, and to expand or reinforce your branding to new audiences.
  • And probably more….

This is a 90+ minute webinar.


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