Facebook Graph Search vs. LinkedIn’s Closed Search

February 14th, 2013 | by Jason Alba |

I hated seeing the search results get locked down in LinkedIn.  I can hardly see anything on 3rd degree Contacts.  There are ways to “get around it,” other than upgrade, but check out this Facebook post from my friend Janet Thaeler:

Graph search is a LinkedIn premium account killer. I was looking for the social media contact at a major brand. I found her and it just lists her first name and last initial on LinkedIn. You have to pay to get her full name.

So I go back to Facebook and type in “people who work at _________ named _______” and she popped right up. I messaged her directly. I could pay $1 to upgrade to her inbox, but Facebook doesn’t take Paypal! So I opted to send it to her “other” box (which is free).

That is pretty profound.

She first went to LinkedIn, which is where we have been trained to go.

She didn’t see what she wanted because she hasn’t upgrade.

She tries the search on Facebook, found her, and could immediately message her.

Locking things down and taking away features in LinkedIn really just gives other systems, like Facebook, to provide a better experience.

That’s something the strategists at any company need to think about.

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  2. By Bruce Johnston on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    LinkedIn’s search function could make them a fortune if they fleshed it out and made it easier to use. For example using the location filter is awkward and time consuming. Just try and use the filter to find people in New Jersey. Your head will explode. They’re all under New York City and probably Philadelphia.
    And what do they bring up as a hot new feature in Sales Navigator? More introduction features If I want an introduction, I’ll call my connection on the phone and explain the situation to them. I sure won’t use LI’s system. Thank you for providing this rant space.

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