Navigating the New LinkedIn Profile: Webinar

December 20th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

I am doing a webinar at 9am on January 17th to help you understand the new LinkedIn Webinar.

There are two huge changes that affect everyone:

First, the layout. The put the Activities (which is new) way up high… and bumped down your Summary… I don’t like this.  There are a bunch of other changes in the layout that is affecting people (is your picture the right size now?  Some people had a small picture, and it’s now surrounded by a thick gray border – yuck!).

Second, the Apps. Or, “what was formerly knows as the Apps.”  They are gone, and people are not really happy.  If you had or a slideshare presentation, they have likely disappeared from your Profile.  LinkedIn replaced the Apps with their own solution, but from what I hear from people it is buggy.

These two changes are HUGE. Bigger than HUGE.  This is the biggest, most significant change LinkedIn has made in years.  (All that signal stuff was insignificant and generally useless, imo).  But this… significant.  And it impacts you.

The webinar is discounted right now, and includes choices of goodies/bonuses.  More info is here.

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  2. By Christine Dennison on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    I’m getting used to the new look (change is hard…), and figuring out what’s different. Agree that Activities should be below the Summary and Experience. Seems like everyone’s trying to figure out how to handle Endorsements — how to keep the strategy consistent with your brand intentions — new etiquette considerations — quality vs. quantity.

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