LinkedIn Profile Weirdness

December 18th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

You know what I’ve hated over the years?

When someone gives me a LinkedIn Profile and… well, one of two problems might happen:

1. Sometimes (about 1/2 the time?) it would go to a page or Profile not found page.  How frustrating it is to type in / in (which means they have a vanity URL) / ______, know I spell it right, and have it fail!

The workaround that I just barely discovered: When you get to the failed page, simply refresh… and then you should get to the Profile!  Ugh!  How elusive.  Steve Jobs would call that a feature and tell you that’s what you really want, but we know we just want it to work right the first time :p

2. Go to the person’s page BUT have it be a partial view, even though I’m connected to the person AND I’m logged into LinkedIn!  How very lame!  Here’s an example of what I see for MY Profile:

There isn’t a work-around that I know of.  People have to click the View Full Profile.  I find this to be a pain.  If I put this on my resume or business card or website, I want people to go to the FULL Profile!  On my not-full Profile they don’t show my Slideshare app, which is a big part of my message.

Rant over :) I know LinkedIn reads my blog, hopefully someone will do something about these two things.

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