Pano Dimopoulos – the Slideshare Example

November 26th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

I am always on the lookout to share slideshare presentations with you. Recently I found one from Pano Dimopoulos’ LinkedIn Profile.  Pano is a Human Resource and Administration professional, driven to help you achieve your business goals, in the Brisbane Area, in Australia.

I’m not sure if you can see his slideshare presentation (many complain they can’t see mine, even though my permissions are set to allow everyone to see them).  And I can’t find Pano’s slideshare page to link to the orginal source… so I’ll share each slide and my critique here.

Here’s what it looks like on his Profile:


I like this first slide… the background says “look in the middle” and in the middle you get a very simple, clear message.  Notice there are only 13 pages.  I might recommend making the text bigger (my text is huge), but the simplicity and all the white space is powerful.

The second slide is awesome… simple, not confusing.  If I am in a position to help Pano, I can clearly understand what his passion, expertise or field is.

This third slide is really important since HR is so general… I love how clean each slide is.  There is not a lot to think about, except what the message is, and clicking to the next slide.  I really want to know what Pano does… so click!

four specific things to help me understand what he does…

… and four more things… now I get a better idea of what he does, and how he could help, and where he fits into an organization.

I like how he lets the picture do the talking… if you put in pictures, make sure you have permission to use the pictures (look for royalty free images).

The next batch of slides talks about his competencies.  I like to have these backed up by mini-stories (PAR statements)… think about what that would add to each of these character claims:

And finally the closing:

I love the idea of meeting in person… nice touch, eh?

What is missing is the contact information.  Some people might not figure out how to communicate on LinkedIn, or share this with a 3rd+ degree contact… Pano really needs to put email and or phone contact info.

Other than that, I love it!

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  2. By Peggy Dalton on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    Great tip! It is so challenging to “market” yourself, and this is a fantastic option. There are plenty of royalty-free sites for pictures to add to a slideshow. By selecting simple pictures that convey a direct message, you can say much. I love the black and white picture of the guy holding his head, it is very succinct to his HR theme.

  3. By Adrian Kelly on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    Great job Pano, and some note resting thoughts, Jason. I know Pano, and can categorically say that the slides reflect the man – understated and absolute integrity.

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