Uh Oh, maybe Jerry Albright is right about LinkedIn’s future

November 20th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

Check out this really interesting (and short) post on RecruitingBlogs.  Will Thomson starts out:

“I am noticing that more candidates are becoming less willing to receiving inmails on Linkedin.”

Not surprising.  But it gets much worse in the comments. (read them here)

A few weeks ago I wrote a post saying that recruiting thought leader Jerry Albright gives LinkedIn three years before they go down.

If you read the comments on Will’s post, you’ll see other recruiters who are already somewhat moving away from LinkedIn.

So, you aren’t a recruiter or a job seeker?  Why does this matter to you, then?

For two reasons:

1. LinkedIn is allowing it’s brand to become “the next Monster” (those are my words, but it encapsulates where LinkedIn seems to be going).  For some reason they have moved away from “professional networking”… although they would probably disagree with that, that is what the perception is becoming.  If they are positioning themselves that way, or if they are becoming positioned that way (aka, unintentional branding), but their main audience is moving away and seeing less value, they are going to fight an uphill battle.

2. Recruiters (and some job seekers) are what I would consider super users. If the super users are becoming disenchanted with the value of the tool, what does that mean for all users?  If users and super users are not seeing value, they’ll simply go where the value is.  I think recruiters are a kind of barometer of LinkedIn users, perception, value, etc. You hear there rumblings now, imagine what they will be in three years.

I think LinkedIn has two significant corporate challenges:

1. Technology & Design.

2. Business Strategy and Branding.

We’ll see if they can pull it off.  It would be a shame to read about LinkedIn post-IPO the same way that people are reading about Facebook post-IPO.

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