LinkedIn Events: Bye-bye, retired!

November 6th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

LinkedIn is apparently going to retire LinkedIn Events.


Often people would say “in the webinar you are doing, please talk about Events.”  My thought was always “why?  No one is using Events.”

Jorgen Sundberg wrote:

All of the comments on this was about how LinkedIn is out of touch, and this is “one of the better apps,” and it is a great feature, etc.

But no one uses events.  Well, hardly anyone did.

You can see LinkedIn’s announcement about this on this post: LinkedIn is killing off the Events feature?

No recruiters chimed in… well, one did, but that’s fodder for tomorrow’s post :)

Anyone going to miss Events?

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  2. By Romona Foster on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    I use LinkedIn’s event app all of the time. I will definitely miss it.

  3. By Jason Alba on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    How did you use it? I think there are two reasons why someone would: 1. to advertise events, and 2. to allow for RSVP.

    I think there are better ways to do either…

    Also, YOU used it (you are a social media person) – did you notice that others used it much or enough?

  4. By Julius Solaris on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    Not in agreement Jason.

    Lots of event professionals relied on this tool to attract professional audiences. It actually worked.

    In fact I am getting a lot of shocked users contacting me since I posted on this on Monday

  5. By Jason Alba on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    Julius, I just read your post about it and it sounds like, in your post, you weren’t using it much but you “know of a great deal of event professionals who are”… I’m guessing the people who were “using” it either were very hopeful it would someday take off, or they weren’t really heavily using it.

    I agree it had a lot of potential, but the way LI integrated it into the user experience (it was practically hidden) was really the nail in the coffin.

    Many people wanted it to work, but it was just to inaccessible…. and hard to find.

    There are other fine alternatives and I’m guessing no one, even in the event industry, is really going to shed a tear for this after 24 hours of it going away.

    I like the comment on your post from 20 minutes ago where the event planner summed up what my experience has been (dhelbig):

    “When I thought about it I realized that I don’t think I actually got attendees from the linkedin events app. I do, however, believe it helped with exposure and relevance.”

    For reference:

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