LinkedIn Alternatives: Awesome comments on LinkedIn strategy and competition

October 31st, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

On Quora there is an awesome question:  LinkedIn: Why hasn’t anyone disrupted LinkedIn yet?

Actually, what’s awesome is John Bischke’s answer here.

In a nutshell John talks about the diff between LinkedIn and Facebook… and what could disrupt LinkedIn. I agree with everything he says.

I don’t think any organization is going to be successful in going head-to-head with LinkedIn.  They own the market.   I mean, they OWN it!

(note: Monster owned it a few years ago… :p)

So, no head-to-head.

But what about niche, or vertical?

That’s where it is at. I think the verticals are where LinkedIn is leaking value/users/discussion.

Check out his answer on Quora to see the different verticals, and where people in those verticals are hanging out.  He lists quite a few.

His post is brilliant.

His style is also brilliant.  All around, a great read.