Mobile LinkedIn: LinkedIn on-the-go?

October 4th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

How often do you use LinkedIn while away from your desktop?

I have a phone with a battery life of approximately 24 minutes, so I don’t do much with my phone except try to keep it alive. When I speak I see a few people using the mobile interface, but not very many. I think I’ve witnessed mobile interface use less than five times.

But I know it can be very useful. Imagine listening to a speaker, or meeting someone at an event, and going to the mobile interface when you have a quiet moment. It’s very powerful for a few reasons, including these two:

  • If I wait until I get home to check up on the person, I might have 20 other things get in the way and I never get around to it.
  • If I check the person’s LinkedIn Profile right there, I might be able to say something smart before we leave the event, like “I noticed you graduated from Cornell. I was on their campus a few years ago and it was amazing!” There are a number of things like this you can get from a Profile, including where they used to work, professional interests, where they volunteer, etc.

In the JibberJobber User Webinar you might have learned to write an email to the person/people you want to follow-up with AT THE CONFERENCE, event, or even in your car before you leave the parking lot. When you do that, if you are a premium JibberJobber user ($9.95/month or less) you can BCC the JibberJobber server and have it create a contact record in your system, and the email will become the first log entry.  The ability to to add this person to your contact list immediately is really powerful.

Let’s contrast how this works on LinkedIn, not that one is better than another. On LinkedIn you can send an invitation to connect, but what if they say no? That’s for another post on invitation etiquette. What if they are not on LinkedIn? What if their personal connection policy is such that they won’t accept your invitation, so it’s just hanging there?  For example, if you see Collin Powell speak, and you invited him to connect on LinkedIn, would he connect with you?  (a quick search seems to indicate he doesn’t have an account)

Back to JibberJobber – send the email from your mobile device, make contact immediately (which is the first touch-point in your relationship), get the contact record into your contact database, and get ready to follow-up. Another benefit of doing this is that your email will likely be short, which means CONCISE, which means it will likely be read. See, the pain of typing an email on a mobile device can actually be a benefit!

Finally, I mentioned my mobile device. I’m getting ready to switch to an iPhone. My Samsung device was awesome in the store, but once I got out of the store the battery turned out to be a lemon. I’ve carried it around for a while but I decided to go Apple. I got an iPad a while back and it’s amazing and awesome. My default “mobile device” for networking situations like what I’m talking about here is definitely my iPad. With a longer battery life and a huge (compared to my phone) screen, I can see a lot more from LinkedIn Profiles, and it’s easier to send emails.

So, LinkedIn on the go. If you find yourself on the road and networking, you should probably start to use LinkedIn while you are out. I have a friend who has sworn by the mobile LinkedIn app for a few years. Incorporate it into your daily activities, and network better!

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  1. 2 Responses to “Mobile LinkedIn: LinkedIn on-the-go?”

  2. By Trav on Oct 18, 2012 | Reply

    I have found its crucial to not only be accessible on the go, but to have your resume in a format that can be read on mobile devices.

    Many recruiters and executives use their iphone/blackberry or android to read the latest from their inbox, and if your resume pops in here you want it to open!

    Make sure your resume is mobile friendly, to complement your mobile LinkedIn strategy for job search.

  3. By Jason Alba on Oct 18, 2012 | Reply

    If I got something like this on my phone I would not spend much time to check it out… I would save the email and wait until I got to a bigger screen to look at it. I can’t imagine viewing a resume on a mobile, unless I was really anxious to get the position filled and was under a tight deadline.

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