Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn got BETTER when Twitter went away

September 10th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

When I blogged about this a while back someone said that it was awesome that there wasn’t anymore Twitter noise on LinkedIn.

I thought it was a bad strategic move by Twitter.  Here’s a little more to the story: Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn Got Better When Twitter Shut Us Off, Move Was “Partial B*llsh*t”

Two things from this post:

  1. LinkedIn, and specifically Reid (I’m guessing he was involved when this happened) was NOT happy that Twitter pulled the plug.  I was surprised, I’m sure they were too.
  2. LinkedIn says they got BETTER.  OUCH to Twitter!  I see that as an insult to Twitter… !

Funny stuff.  Of course, LinkedIn has been known to cut other systems, too (TC article).

Now, if LinkedIn can continue work to make itself “better” by putting back features in the free level, or even the paid level, and stop messing with what is working, there would be more happy users.

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