Sorry Marie-Claude, LinkedIn Won’t Let Me Communicate With You

August 28th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

I got a message through LinkedIn from Marie-Claude on LinkedIn. I replied back to the email, which didn’t work.

One of my biggest online pet-peeves is when I HAVE TO log into the system to respond.  I hate that.  It is very disrespectful to users.

Okay, fine.

I click on the Reply button on my email, paste my response to Marie, and LinkedIn kicks back this ridiculousness:

So, sorry Marie-Claude. I hope you find this post.  Your question:

I am actually in the process of improving my profile and I had a question about key word search. You mention that key words in the summary will determine if your profile shows up in a search. I was wondering if that is true for the experience section of the profile?

I detailed quite a bit my last work experience using lots key words and mentioning major institutions in my field of work. I am hopping that my profile will show up when some of these key words are used in a search. Should I move this information to my summary to improve my viewing statistics?

My response:

The real place to put your keywords is in the current or past job titles… that has the biggest impact on search results.

Good luck!

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