LinkedIn Profile Change Increases Importance of LinkedIn Summary

August 27th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

I was reading Sandy Jones-Kaminski’s blog post: The New LinkedIn Profile: Why Your Summary Matters More Than Ever

Sandy is a networking nut.  She wrote a book in my series titled I’m at a Networking Event–Now What??? (you can get the ebook version from here)

She makes a very good point.  Since LinkedIn is now hiding what has been standard on the Profile for years, the Summary is MUCH more important.  Check out her post here.

How is your LinkedIn Summary?

In my experience, 80% of LinkedIn Summaries stink (I’m not even including the spammers, fake accounts, and tire-kickers.  I’m talking about 80% of the Summaries of people who think they have a good Profile).  They really do.

Another 18% are marginally okay/passable.

Less than 2% are really good.

What are you after?

Keep Me Engaged: The Summary entices people to list professional characteristics, but that is so cliche it’s boring.  Please don’t list all of your characteristics.  Without any substantiating evidence it looks the same as what your competition listed… you all look the same!  Boring!

Tell Your Story: I LOVE the idea of putting mini-stories, in the form of PAR statements, in your LinkedIn Summary.  Not only is this more engaging than boring lists, it provides the evidence that you really are, or can do, what you claim.

Help Me Understand the WIIFM Factor: Here’s the fourth element of the PAR statement (P = Problem, A = Action, R = Results).  End it with “What that means for you is…”  Perhaps you don’t do that on every PAR statement in your summary, but you need to think about this amazing concept.  More on this concept in this post, one of my favorites: I’m Dumb: Connect the Dots for me (what is WIIFM?  What’s In It For Me!)

Help Me Get More: I LOVE the ability to communicate with you outside of LinkedIn – whether it is your phone number, your website (which LinkedIn now hides), or an email address.  Make it EASY for me to take the next step and communicate with you.

How does your Profile do?  Are you in the 80%, the 18% or the less than 2%?

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