LinkedIn: #1 Recruiting Portal of the Future? Read the fine print, folks!

July 9th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

Great article by John Sullivan on the ERE blog titled: 20 Reasons Why LinkedIn Will Be the #1 Recruiting Portal of the Future

I could make counterpoints to each of his 20 reasons… like:

#6: Its profiles are accurate. He says “research has shown”… I would love to see that research.  If you take 160 million profiles, I bet more than the majority are pretty crappy. Weak, incomplete, outdated.

#8 LinkedIn makes it easy to apply. He says this is a “powerful advantage…” however, making it EASY means lazy job seekers, or overly-ambitious job seekers, will use this without discretion, flooding a recruiter’s inbox with unqualified or mismatched candidates.  For more, read the first paragraph of the  “downsides” section of this post.

#10 It provides recommendations and facilitates introductions. Free users are limited to 5 outstanding Introductions at one time. I know this is a ploy to encourage people to upgrade, but I consider this debilitating to the point where it’s almost useless to anyone who doesn’t upgrade.

On the non-sourcing (aka, non-recruiting) side:

#4 It supports employer brand building. Yes, I agree on all points except the last, with regard to the Company page.  This feature is weak and needs major improvements. I keep hearing people talk about this, but it’s quite weak.

# 5 It allows you to poll. The polling feature is weak and rarely talked about.  A major huge value-add enhancement would be to ask for comments/feedback in a poll, not just “pick one.”

That’s enough of my critique for a moment.  It’s clear John thinks LinkedIn is da bomb.  I think it is too, although I’m not sure saying it will be the #1 recruiting portal of the future is fair or accurate.  It could be.

But I think LinkedIn is doing enough things wrong that they run the risk of being the MySpace, or the Monster, of the future.

They need to be agile, smart, and most of all, respectful of their users.

Want a perspective that contrasts John’s?

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