Awesome LinkedIn Profile: Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson

January 10th, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

Donald Burns, executive career coach and resume writer, turned me on to an awesome LinkedIn profile that I really like.

There are a number of things I’d recommend to improve this Profile, but Orrin hits two things really, really well! Check out the LinkedIn Profile of Orrin Hudson here.

First, he has a great video (from CNN, no less!) that auto-plays on his slideshare app.  This might be considered annoying by some (a lot of people don’t like auto play on video), but I liked it in this situation.  Also, the video is visible without scrolling down… so I can see it right away.  It’s impressive that it comes from CNN.

Did you know you can serve video from the slideshare app?

Second, his LinkedIn Summary is very well-done.  This is one of the best I’ve seen.  It’s all about his story AND his value proposition… but I don’t see a list of his qualities, or why he’s great… the story tells it all.

I LOVE Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson’s LinkedIn Profile… great job!


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