Is LinkedIn Important? 2012 Edition

January 3rd, 2012 | by Jason Alba |

Deb Dib, a JibberJobber Partner, pointed me to this post on Mashable about the importance of social tools

Wondering about the importance of LinkedIn, and other social tools, for your business, career management or job search?  Read this article: What Job Seekers Need to Know in Today’s Digital Market

Some highlights:

“36% of companies surveyed are using social media for recruiting. In today’s competitive market, recruiters look for the most current information on candidates, which is readily and easily available on social networks.”

Are you making this information readily and easily available?

“Social media enables us to stand out, to be more noticeable, to differentiate ourselves from the masses and to tell the whole story behind and beyond a one-page resume.”

If everyone does it, how is it differentiating?  I’ll tell you: not many do it well :)  I’ve done enough LinkedIn Critiques to know that there is a lot of room for improvement!

“Additionally, every field has its own industry thought leaders broadcasting on Twitter.”

I wouldn’t say every industry, but you can certainly find people to connect with and follow and network with in many industries… probably even your industry!

“More companies than ever are cutting their job advertising budgets, opting to channel their recruiting efforts through referral hiring.”

Is the hidden job market becoming less hidden?  Interesting…


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