Happy Thanksgiving! Two Blog Posts of Interest.

November 24th, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

Did you know I write almost every day on my JibberJobber blog?  For the most part I have separated those posts from this blog because those are posts about career management and job search, and early on people here told me to keep this focused on LinkedIn (for businesses, marketing, etc.).

Here are two posts I want to share with you:

Today I wrote about my new product, which is for clients of university career centers.  It is … awesome.  I’m asking for introductions to career centers… I’m happy to show you what I came up with so you can make the introduction – just let me know if you want more information.  THANK YOU!

On Friday, after Thanksgiving, I started what might become a new series, which is to introduce words/phrases that could be helpful in your job search.  Some might know what Friday’s phrase means (“managed services,” like JD Edwards consulting from Syntax), while it will be new to others.  If you have any suggestions on phrases/words for job seekers, let me know on Friday’s post (or in the comments here).

I’m thankful for you – enjoy your turkey and stuffing!

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  2. By HRMargo on Nov 24, 2011 | Reply

    Awesome, you have my support!

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