Crap: Don’t Send to 200+ People (LinkedIn Answers)

November 8th, 2011 | by Jason Alba |

I consider this a bug… I found it a few years back and have always been wary of trying it again… today I tried it, and it failed on me again :(

How did this happen?

When you ask a question on LinkedIn Answers you can choose to send (email) the question to the Inbox of up to 200 of your first degree contacts.

So that’s what I did – I chose 200 people to send it to.  I chose about 100 people with the last name of “O,” which was easy since it took just one click.  Then, I chose, one-by-one, about 100 people who’s last name started with “P.”

I hit 200. Which is fine.

On the next page it shows me the list of 200 (which I never review), and the actually message it will send, and there is a checkbox that says “send me a copy.”

The problem is that LinkedIn takes the 200 you chose, and adds 1, and now you have 201, and they don’t send anything.


How frustrating.

You can find a link to try to resend to the 200 again, but I am going back to only sending 199… just in case their math messes up again. I don’t have the time to redo this every time.

In summary, only send to 199 :)



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